The Tribe

You Already Know How

The following additional information about The Tribe was included in list form in the original exhibition.

The Tribe live in harmony with nature.

The Tribe build their own shelter.

The Tribe have their own fuel.

The Tribe grow their own food.

The Tribe use no money or substitute for it.

The Tribe have their own forms of medicine and education.

The Tribe make their own entertainment and arts.

The Tribe are not trying to save the planet.

The Tribe are not a utopia.

The Tribe is not for everyone.

The Tribe are not neurotic.

The Tribe have no leader.

The Tribe cannot be fully understood unless lived.

The Tribe have made a decision about time and how they use it.

The Tribe understand chaos theory in relation to human evolution.

The Tribe are becoming whatever they are meant to be.

The Tribe offer solutions, intrigue and inspiration.


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