These are most of the images which were projected inside a wigwam at the original installation. They are a mixture of activities, observations and some portraits. For larger image please click on it.

Transport (HTD) by Stephen Rennicks

Communications (HTD) by Stephen RennicksShelter NoPortrait NoShetler (HTD) by Stephen RennicksPortrait (HTD) by Stephen RennicksNight (HTD) by Stephen RennicksLandscape (HTD) by Stephen RennicksHens (HTD) by Stephen RennicksFood (HTD) by Stephen RennicksFuel (HTD) by Stephen RennicksHeat (HTD) by Stephen RennicksErecting (HTD) by Stephen RennicksFishing (HTD) by Stephen RennicksEntertainment (HTD) by Stephen RennicksFodder (HTD) by Stephen RennicksBumper Crop (HTD) by Stephen RennicksCovering (HTD) by Stephen RennicksArt (HTD) by Stephen Rennicks

Trapping (HTD) by Stephen Rennicks


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